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Gender: M, Color: White
Weight: 45, Age: 1 yrs
Housebroken? Yes
Leash/Crate Trained? Yes

This 11-month-old Bully is ready to be your best friend! His prior owner did not have the time to give him the attention and exercise he needs and deserves. He is learning to walk better on a leash and is just great in his crate. His housebreaking is going well and he loves to play with balls in the yard and in the house. He weighs about 45 pounds and could use to put on a bit of weight. You've simply got to meet him!

Call: Jan Collins, 303-584-9486







Gender:F, Color: Red/White
Weight: 32, Age: 2 yrs
Housebroken? Yes
Leash/Crate Trained? Yes

Smiley is one cute little 2-year-old girl who's coloring makes her look like she is smiling all of the time. She's quite petite at 32 pounds. She's housebroken, crate trained and loves to go for walks on a leash. She's a major snuggler, very loving and thinks she's a lap dog. When she is bored or stressed she will chase her tail so should be an only dog. Her new home will need to work with her to help her with this issue!

Call: Jan Collins, 303-584-9486







Gender: F, Color: Black Brindle
Weight: 40, Age: 2 yrs
Housebroken? Yes
Leash/Crate Trained? Yes

Tootsie came to us as a stray so we don't know about her background but we believe she was used as a breeding dog. She's a cutie right down to her little white toes. She is about 2-years-old, weighs about 40 pounds, does fine on a leash and in a crate and is housebroken. She is very reactive to other dogs so she needs to be an only dog. Tootsie is also quite an acrobat - a home with a 6-foot fence would be required. She is quite the snuggler and loves belly rubs!

Call: Jan Collins, 303-584-9486




Welcome to the MHBTC rescue page! We appreciate your interest in helping a homeless bull terrier find a new home that will meet its needs!  Our dogs have become beloved pets to many families. We do our best to match each dog to the best possible home for it’s individual needs. All of our rescue dogs are spayed or neutered prior to placement and have current vaccinations and are microchipped.

In recent years, we have seen an increase in the number of bull terriers that require our help. The introduction of several “backyard” breeders in the state, pet store puppies and dogs imported from eastern European countries has created a crisis for many dogs. PLEASE BE AWARE THAT THERE ARE SEVERAL BREEDERS IN THE PUEBLO, COLORADO AREA THAT ARE, IN ESSENCE, BACKYARD PUPPY MILLS. These dogs are produced only for monetary gain with little regard for health and temperament and sold to any person willing to pay the asking price. On several occasions, we have received discarded dogs from these breeders when they no longer can produce puppies to pad their wallets.

When looking to purchase a bull terrier puppy, please ask the breeder what accomplishments the parents have made (show dogs, obedience or other working) other than producing puppies. If no dogs in the immediate pedigree (mom, dad, grandma, grandpa) are “accomplished” in any way other than breeding, then you can be assured that these animals are only paying bills for their owners. These breeders will tell you anything they think you want to hear to convince you that they “home raise” and “socialize” their pups. Once their breeding career is over, these dogs will be discarded. Purchasing a puppy from mill breeders such as this only encourage them to continue in their unethical and uncaring ways.

While many people have good intentions when they purchase a bull terrier puppy, some owners are unprepared to provide for the long term needs of this active breed of dog or the home environment may not have been ideal to manage it. Please consider whether or not you are the right home for a bull terrier. Their unique appearance is endearing and because they can be somewhat difficult to find for sale, people often get caught up in the excitement of puppies available for sale without considering where the dog comes from or if their home is ideal to care for it. Click here to learn more about the breed and whether it is the right dog for you.

The MHBTC is dedicated to the protection of the breed. We will do our best to accept into our program any dog that has the majority of the characteristics of the breed. We have very limited resources and regretfully cannot accept dogs that are obvious mix breeds and do not meet the basic look of a purebred bull terrier. 

If you are interested in adopting a rescue dog, please take a few minutes to review our adoption guidelines. If you live outside of the state of Colorado, please pay special attention to our long distance adoption guidelines.

You must fill out an ADOPTION APPLICATION (pdf document - fill out and mail to determine your eligibility to adopt one of our rescue dogs. If you are out-of-state, please also read the LONG DISTANCE ADOPTION GUIDELINES.

Jan Collins
MHBTC Rescue Coordinator


If you don't think you can make a difference to the world by helping a dog in need of adoption, please take a minute to watch this amazing video about a dog named Stanley...


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Living with a Dog-Aggressive Bully

Many of the rescues we get are good with other dogs, or children, or sometimes, even cats (!). However, we do get dogs that just simply DON’T like other dogs. My Scooter was such a boy.

I got him when he was 10 months old and had been abandoned to life on the streets. He hated cats, and squirrels, and other dogs. The Rescue coordinator explained the limitations – no dog parks, no overnights with friends’ dogs, and never, never any off-lead time in public.
I was so desperate for a Bully that I didn’t care.
He was all the things we love in bullies: silly, energetic, smart (too smart), affectionate, fun-loving. I had no other pets and knew that as long as I had Scooter, he would be my only pet.

WE WENT TO OBEDIENCE CLASS – with a trainer who was patient and caring and got him to the point where he could stand 6 feet away from another dog and ONLY growl and raise his hackles. And he learned to sit and stay and come.

WE WENT TO THE PARK - fairly often, but our route was always dictated by the location of the other dogs there. Steering him away from other dogs gave us random paths and happy time together with no straining on the lead.

WE WENT TO THE GROOMER - by appointment ONLY. A few times, we stood outside the shop and she came out to do his nails. Other times, we scheduled a “Full Monty” visit when the other clients were through, and I would pick him up as soon as he was dry.

We NEVER went to PetsMart or PetCo or any store with dogs roaming around.
We NEVER went to the off-leash dog park.
We NEVER went to the street fairs.
We NEVER got a cat or a bird or another dog.

None of the adaptations we had to make for the public ever interfered with our relationship. He adored my friends, both young and mature, and always treated them like family laps. He loved to help me garden and cook and we were both happy just to be together. I never really missed the forbidden activities, because I had my Bully.

If your circumstances permit, you could find a best friend for life. I did.



A forever home means the dog owner has made the commitment to create a safe and loving home for the dog for the remainder of it’s life. Prior to adopting a dog, do your research and fully understand the breed to confirm it’s the right breed for you and your life style. Dogs that have been put up for adoption require additional patience as they adapt to their new surrounds and build trust that you TOO will not give them up for adoption. Understand it will take time for them to learn their new human “Pack” and how to best fit in and please you. Go into the adoption knowing you will do EVERYTHING within your power to make the relationship work.